Thursday, June 21 2018
The Leigh Matthews Stress and Trauma Centre

"Little by little one walks far." - Peruvian Proverb

The loss of a loved one, someone close to your heart, mind and soul is one of the cruelest ordeals that could ever happen. Nothing and no one on earth can ever prepare you for the days, months and years ahead.

The Leigh Matthews Stress and Trauma Centre (LMSTC), supported by the office of Community Development, University of Johannesburg, officially opened its doors on 17th August 2005, with Rob, Sharon and Karen Matthews as its patrons.  The Centre was established to address the need for counselling to community members who cannot otherwise afford such professional services.

Article of the Month -Helping teens deal with end of school year stress

In a Calvin and Hobbes cartoon, Calvin says, “ People who get nostalgic about childhood were obviously never children.” Too often parents forget that their children are going through as much stress, if not more, than them. This article explores how parents can deal with their teenagers stress, and highlights some ideal coping techniques! 

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Thousands of people in South Africa today are affected by crime, violence, divorce, accidents and disease on a daily basis.  When one person is traumatized, his/he family as well as the  community are also influenced which can result in an entire community being distressed.
Our counsellors can play a part in providing emotional support to trauma survivors as well as to those suffering from daily stress.
The Centre offers individual, group and family counselling in many areas such as for instance:-

  •     Family problems
  •     Parental guidance
  •     Bereavement
  • -   Crime related trauma
Educational Psychology Master students from the University of Johannesburg also offer learning support, career guidance, and educational assessments for age going children.
To find out more about the LMSTC or to make an appointment please contact one of our centres.
 Address:  Raucall High School, Hekpoort Road, Crosby
Tel (011) 226-2200
The Centres are open Tuesday to Thursday between 10am and 4pm
and the Crosby Centre is open 1 Saturday per month between 10am and 4pm
E mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it